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Kitchen Backsplashes

If kitchen countertops are considered the star of the show. Kitchen backsplashes are the showstopper. Backsplashes come in a multitude of different materials, shapes and colors. Your backsplash is like artwork for your kitchen. Tile Zone has an amazing collection for you to choose from. Backsplash materials include natural stone, tile, glass and mosaics. Tile Zone has everything that you need to freshen up and revitalize your kitchen! Our showroom includes a full selection of top-notch products, and our design representatives can help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Once you’ve picked out your backsplash, we’ll can schedule your backsplash installation.

Why you need a Backsplash!?

Customizable: Backsplashes allows you to breathe new life into your kitchen, as there are all sorts of different tile varieties, colors, and styles to mix and match.

Protective: Oil from your stove or water from your sink can be harsh on wallpaper or painted walls. Backsplashes protect these areas from stains or damage.

Clean: All you need is a wet rag to wipe away liquid residue or splashes!

Backsplash Design and Installation.

When it comes to Backsplashes our installers have designed and installed thousands of backsplash projects in the Houston area, from simple and classic to sophisticated designs, let us know what style or idea you have for your back splash and our experts will make it happen call 281.759.8453


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